Sometimes people show up in your life. Sometimes you meet someone and they smile and it makes you smile. Maybe they remind you of someone or something and you remember something about yourself you forgot. They could have written a poem, cleaned your house or just been there for you. They do something that changes the way you feel. Moments that can never be touched by sadness can stretch all the way into the past or into the future. Maybe they go away for a while. Maybe you changed their life, but you don’t know how. Not knowing can be a heavy burden to bear in a world of building monuments to the self. But someone or some thing could reach out to you at any moment and change your life, and you realize it’s not about becoming strong by building monuments to the past, but allowing the future to change your quality of life for the best.


Great night with Chuck Hawthorne at Patsy’s Cafe. Joined by Peggy Wright for the break and had her and Dana McBride singing along…Don’t Hold Back the Love!


Leslie Krafka came up from Houston to play at Liberty Tree. We had a nice jam on Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Drunken Poet’s Dream,” and I don’t know how I had let that song slip by me before. She makes it her own!


“Let’s Boat” was an awesome Lake Travis party barge 5 hour cruise with Will’s Ensemble sandwiched in between performers Doug Marsh, Jessica Shepherd and The Rocking Gospel Project. Swimming, awesome food and dancing to music under the stars with the lake being up from all the rain this year. This is a yearly event so keep up with our site, it’s one you don’t want to miss!

Lets boat w Peg, Jill etc

Photo by Nanc Scholl