Will hosted years of residencies at Patsy’s Cafe and Liberty Tree Tavern and wanted to share the stage with others to introduce them to new markets. “Bands come and go but good songs last forever.”

The Living Daylights

Will Gullatt
Richard Parke
Jay Johnson

Vocals & Guitar
Guitar, Bass, Lap Steel, Mando

2Way Radio

Will Gullatt Vocals & Guitar
Alan Stewart Vocals & Guitar
WM Dave Vocals & Bass
Charlie DeMaggio Drums

Ark Party Barge Lake Travis 2012

2Way Radio was formed when Alan Stewart and Will decided that the music they were playing on their sailboats til 3 in the morning should be heard. This Americana quartet was oozing rocking dance numbers and soothing ballads with the rhythm section of Charlie DeMaggio and WM Dave.  Will’s flatpicking and pop style blended well with blues rocker Alan Stewart on electric and acoustic guitars. Having opened for latin stars Del Castillo and playing the Lake Travis party barge circuit, their unique shows culminated in the release the 2way Radio CD featuring violinist Javier Chaparro and Mark Williams on cello.

Front Cover Final

Ebb & Flo

Will developed much of the material for the Ebb ‘n Flo trio and collaborated with local lyricist and vocalist Lynette Perkins and Mike Cruuz. Their soaring harmonies and progressions were inspirations for later works and continuing a distinctive style. Influences from eclectic bands like Roxy Music to psychedelic rock and country are prominent as well as avante garde Tom Waits.
Born on February 10th, 1958 in Santa Barbara, CA. surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, big trees and mountains, Will grew to love nature and would find peace in it’s expanse. He explored his father’s roots in the deep south of Louisiana and his parents took him to the symphony as a child, where he fell asleep to Mozart and Bach. The artist in him developed with an interest in the Impressionists and a talent with oil painting that gave way to love of music. The family settled in Austin amidst new diverse musical genres to discover and inspire. Family friends encouraged his abilities and songwriters like Townes Van Zandt and Gillian Welch left their mark prompting to look within and get those songs out. The creative process was similar whether it was putting images on canvass or vocals on tracks. “There is so much love and support for original music In Central Texas from various songwriting circles, friends and parties to headlined shows and festivals…the community has always recognized and appreciated innovative material.” Whether reaching for unconditional love or spiritual thirsting in a desert of materialism, his songs offer a unique slant to the discerning listener.